Shaanxi Forestry Group unites its efforts with “National Reading Activities”

(ROYAL PRESS: Correspondent:Jingshuo Zhao)
In recent years, Shaanxi Forestry Group, focusing on “Bacon Casting Soul”, focusing on “the needs of the masses” and focusing on “getting into the brain and the heart”, has strengthened overall planning. By organizing and planning key reading activities, strengthening the supply of quality reading, promoting the reading of the whole people at the grassroots level, and strengthening the reading guidance service and publicity and promotion for the whole people, it has continued to sing the main theme of the times of loving the party, patriotism and socialism, and effectively improved the participation of cadres and workers, achieving
The first is to cultivate practitioners of ecological civilization construction. Forestry Group has successively purchased and distributed readers on the theme of ecological civilization construction, such as “peak carbon dioxide emissions Carbon Neutral Cadre Reader”. Cadres and workers firmly established the concept of “two mountains”, more accurately examined the provincial and forest conditions, thoroughly studied how to accelerate the construction of national reserve forests, develop green and low-carbon industries, speed up the implementation of important ecological system protection and restoration projects, and implement major biodiversity protection projects, actively and steadily promoted the carbon neutral action in peak carbon dioxide emissions, and effectively transformed the reading results into practical results of ecological space governance.

The second is to cultivate value leaders with temperature. According to the bibliography recommended by superiors, Forestry Group successively purchased and distributed important reading materials such as Face to Face with the Great Party in a Hundred Years in 2022. Through special study and efficient reading, cadres and workers armed their minds, guided practice and promoted their work with the latest achievements of the party’s innovative theory, firmly adhered to the correct political direction, and ensured that the work of party organization building, propaganda, selection and employment, discipline inspection and supervision, and special action of work style was steady and practical.

The third is to cultivate the empowerment of improving operational efficiency. Recommended for cadres and workers “Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises-China Road Economic Construction Volume”, “Shaanxi Blue Book: Shaanxi Economic Development Report (2022)” and other professional books in the economic field. Through accurate reading, forestry group operators can understand the market, guard against risks, take the pulse direction, and be more handy in project planning, investment cooperation, management, state-owned enterprise reform, accounting and many other aspects, and achieve high standards and high standards in business operations.

Since then, Shaanxi Forestry Group will continue to deepen the work related to reading for all, integrate it into daily life, and weave the national reading service network through connecting dots into lines; Promote the normalization of reading for all by concise brand; Through digital empowerment, we will lead the new reading trend of the whole people, so that “Shaanxi forest reading” can truly moisten the heart, strengthen the spirit and apply what you have learned.

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