A Smartcity Culture

A Smartcity Culture

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Dedicated to the development of culture and tourism, the dissemination of cultural values, the establishment of the smart culture and Tourism Professional Committee.

Reporter: Zhu Xiaojun

Photograph: Wu Jingfang; Editor: Wu Jingfang

CCIATV.2019.10.18 Changsha on October 18, Professor Xiong Daizhi, Secretary-General of the China Smart City Working Committee and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, awarded the plaque of “Smart Culture and Tourism Professional Committee” to Liu Lei, Chairman of the Smart Culture and Tourism Special Committee of the China Smart City Working Committee and Vice Chairman of the Hunan Provincial Association of Conference and Exhibition Industry. This marks that the “Smart Culture and Tourism Professional Committee” officially settled in Changsha, Hunan Province today.

Under the leadership of the Smart City Working Committee of the China Automation Society and relying on the Beijing Institute of New Urbanization, the Smart Travel Professional Committee is a professional service organization set up to promote the healthy and orderly development of China’s smart travel industry. The special committee is mainly a service platform composed of grass-roots governments, scientific research institutes, cultural and tourism service enterprises, scientific and technological enterprises in the field of intelligence, enterprises and institutions serving the construction of intelligent cultural and tourism services, and experts and scholars.


The smart city working committee is a national social service organization supported by China Association for science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, National Tourism Administration, Ministry of Commerce and other ministries, and under the supervision of China automation society. It is composed of enterprises (business units), universities, scientific research institutions and industry associations engaged in the fields of smart city, new urbanization planning and construction, smart industry and modern service industry. The association, standardization organization, government, city and other organizations are cross regional and cross departmental voluntary organizations. As a third-party organization based on Smart City, new urbanization and smart industry consulting planning, supervision and evaluation and public services, guided by scientific and technological innovation, targeted at smart city and new urbanization construction, focused on ecological environment protection, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, smart industry and people’s livelihood services, aiming to implement national strategy, promote and promote China’s economic transformation Upgrading and scientific development, providing efficient and high-quality services for the government, Council members, enterprises and institutions, universities, scientific research institutions, industries, cities, towns and communities. China smart city working committee is one of the members of the alliance Convention for coordinating and promoting China’s smart city among the 25 ministries and departments.


“Without the rise of a cultural China, there would be no beautiful China.” Reporters learned from Liu Leichu, chairman of the Intellectual and Cultural Travel Committee of China’s Smart City Working Committee and vice chairman of the Hunan Conference and Exhibition Industry Association, that the development of tourism has begun to be more and more closely integrated with culture. Under the background of the transformation of industrial demand, the improvement of ecological requirements and the enhancement of cultural soft power demand, the three terms of wisdom, culture and ecology have been given new meaning after being integrated with tourism. Intellectual and cultural travel is driven internally by the core of local cultural elements and takes modern science and technology as the main means to achieve the ultimate goal of upgrading the overall wisdom of cities or tourist destinations.   “Smart Culture and Tourism Professional Committee” aims to promote the integration and development of culture and tourism industry, give full play to the role of culture in promoting tourism industry and tourism in promoting cultural consumption, and actively explore new methods, new ideas and new ways to promote the integration and development of culture and tourism. Through the integration of domestic excellent cultural products, scientific and technological products and tourism resources with local characteristics, the standardization, systematization and scale development of the cultural tourism industry will eventually be improved to create an intelligent ecological circle of cultural tourism in the whole format.   Liu lei, chairman of the intellectual and cultural tourism special Committee of the China intelligent city working Committee and vice chairman of the Hunan provincial conference and exhibition industry association, said: “the intellectual and cultural and tourism special Committee” will have the vision of “serving the intellectual and cultural tourism industry and building a new type of intelligent city in China” and the mission of “devoting itself to the development of cultural tourism and spreading the value of Chinese culture” as its mission. in the future, it will set up an intellectual and cultural tourism think tank and standardization team. We will set up a big data center and a news center platform for the intelligent cultural brigade to carry out the planning, design, construction, implementation and operation of intelligent cultural brigade projects. The “Intellectual Culture and Tourism Professional Committee” will also integrate excellent cultural and tourism resources according to local conditions, integrate culture and tourism, and create a new cultural and tourism model. We will set up a financial platform for intellectual travel to assist local governments in setting up investment funds for intellectual travel. The establishment of the Intellectual and Cultural Brigade Research Institute will improve the personnel training and technical training of the Intellectual and Cultural Brigade.