A Final Hunan Skills Contest

A Final Hunan Skills Contest

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The Final of the 2019 Hunan Provincial Electronic Businessmen Professional Skills Contest Held in Changsha, Hunan Province CCIATV Hunan Channel, October 27, 2019.

Reporter: Zhu Xiaojun, Correspondent: Liu Lei

Photographs: Chen Ze, He Xiuting, etc.); Editor: Wu Jingfang

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The Final of the 2019 Hunan Provincial Electronic Businessmen (Cross-border Electronic Businessmen) Professional Skills Competition jointly organized by the Hunan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce Training Center and Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Trade was held on October 26 in Changsha, Hunan Province.
The competition actively connects the “China Skills Competition” with the “World Skills Competition” and has set up two competition groups: the student group and the staff group. Since the start of the competition, relevant departments, trade associations and enterprises from all over Hunan province have actively organized the competition. A total of 508 teams and 3,336 participants from 47 colleges and trades (systems) have entered the competition, making it the largest skills competition held in Hunan province so far.


The two-month competition is organized jointly by the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and the Provincial Department of Social Security in order to further promote the spirit of craftsmen in Hunan’s e-commerce industry, create a social atmosphere of glorious labor and a professional atmosphere of excellence, accelerate the training and selection of highly skilled talents in the e-commerce (cross-border electronic commerce) industry, and promote the healthy and rapid development of Hunan’s e-commerce industry. The competition, with the theme of “innovation, entrepreneurship and actual combat”, aims to create a practical atmosphere for the close combination of production, teaching and research in the e-commerce industry, to meet the actual business needs in the development of e-commerce, to stimulate the enthusiasm of Hunan e-commerce industry in innovation, entrepreneurship and actual combat, and to provide talent support for the rapid development of Hunan e-commerce industry.
The final consists of 80 e-commerce student teams, 120 e-commerce faculty players, 60 cross-border e-commerce student teams and 50 cross-border e-commerce faculty players selected by cities, counties and districts across Hunan province. This competition will select 6 employees and 4 student teams to participate in the e-commerce competition to be held in late November.


Relevant leaders from Hunan Provincial People’s Social Affairs Office and Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce went to the scene to inspect and supervise the competition. At the event site, the relevant leaders also received media interviews.


Since the start of the competition in September, the competition has attracted the attention of the society and many media. China New Media Information Network, Hunan Radio and Television International Channel, Nordic Times (People’s Daily Overseas Edition Co-operation Agency), Danish Royal Magazine, and dozens of domestic and foreign media such as Phoenix, Netease, Today’s Headline, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, Little Information, Baidu and others rushed to report and reprint the event.
It is reported that as the first domestic e-commerce TV program “we are e-commerce” to cooperate with the competition, it will be jointly produced and filmed by Hunan xiangdan wonderful culture communication co., ltd., Hunan xinxiang international exhibition co., ltd., Hunan radio and television international channel “China symbol” column group and Guangdong radio and television station. the program will be broadcast simultaneously on Hunan radio and television related channels, Washington Chinese channel, mango TV, aiqiyi, Tencent, Netease and other domestic and foreign TV media and networks.

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