The World’s First Metaverse Lantern Festival

Traditionally, on the 15th day of the first month according to the Lunar Calendar (this year it happens to fall on the 15th February), Chinese worldwide would celebrate the Lantern Festival, for the family reunion, and also formally mark the end of the spring festival season.

Mujun Yang , Lingyan Xiao, Zhong Min Peng

This year, for the first time in history, we have started the World’s First Metaverse Lantern Festival to combat the pandemic, which has been preventing people to get together for two solid years and seem to be dragging on.
Within less than a week of the call of Mr. Richard YUAN, the chairman of Australia China Entrepreneurs’ Club and a few organizations to host a worldwide gathering for overseas Chinese. The initiative has been very enthusiastically responded by nearly 30 overseas Chinese organizations from 30 different countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, China Korea, Japan, and most countries in Europe, like Denmark, Norway, Spain, Netherland, Germany and many more, who have contributed for more than 1 hour of air time, with specially designed and excellent quality performances each. Ms Lingyan Xiao from Denmark and Zhong Ying from Australia have acted as Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee to plan and coordinate the whole activities.
The event is supported by 30+ news outlets across the globe.

The Committee Members of The World’s First “Metaverse” Lantern Festival

Despite the pandemic, many Chinese were able to get together with their loves ones in Copenhagen on this special day, by joining their friends and relatives and enjoying their favourite food, called “Tang Yuan” – Members from representatives of
Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Denmark/Danish Hunanese Association, led by Ms Lingyan XIAO, the head, were able to enjoy the gathering with their friends and loved ones from around the world in this magic world of metaverse, powered by Xspaces, a Sydney based innovative company. Mr. Zhong Min Peng and Ms. Mujun Yang have provided lots of support for this event.

Livestreaming from the Metaverse

We are so fortunate that we are able to enjoy the festival season by bringing people together on one single platform, so people all around the globe can celebrate this festival with their loved ones far away, without being physically together, taking advantage of the latest Metaverse technology.
The event has involved many politicians, artists, celebrities and overseas Chinese across the globe and people are so curious and some were so happy.

The experience is quite unique as we are suddenly in a totally different world, a brand new world of metaverse, so different from the traditional two dimensional world.
We welcome anyone who is interested in this event to share the joy and happiness and experience firsthand what Metaverse has to offer.

“The World’s First Metaverse Lantern Festival” is totally different experience. Metaverse suddenly became a catchy word out of blue later last year, mostly thanks to the world famous Facebook.

We would like to invite friends and followers to experience the “World’s First Metaverse Lantern Festival”.
Live event was on Feb 15th, between 08:00am-20:00pm (Beijing Time)
Time: Feb 15–28th, Metaverse, the venues will still be accessible during these dates
Where: xSpaces platform, please visit to download the App
Devices supported: xSpaces is compatible with all kinds of mainstream devices on the market, ranging from VR/MR devices, Mobile phones, and PC/laptops.
For a full list, please visit: or
Main venue: Celebration Hall
Branch venues: VIP wine lounge, Art gallery, Photography exhibition, Fortune forum and Conference Centre.

Those who have missed the event on the 15th Feb, 2022 are invited to watch the replay sometime next week. Please watch out for any updates.

The feedback from most audience is great, except only a few, who have voiced their concern about the capacity in the app, and quite often, the system seemed to be responding very slowly when many people logged in together, possibly reaching at a limit in its current capacity. We have been in contact with the relevant authority to make sure the challenges currently are only temporary…

Photo: Metaverse Lantern Festival

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