Garders Guilt on Go

By: Zhong Min Peng and Henning Sandberg Okholm

On March 13, 2019, the Queen of Denmark, Margaret II, arrived at Gothersgade, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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In 1969, on the occasion of King Frederik IX’s 70th birthday, a fund was set up, the funds of which were provided by contributions from members of the Danish Welfare Association. The funds provided to the king’s disposition for a purpose that should benefit the conscripts at the Royal Guardian Life.

What is the Queen’s watch?

Watch the clock is an honorary medal chosen by the Night Watchman Corps to be the best fighter at the end of the siege, and the winners are composed of respected warriors and veterans.

With pride Simon Bruhn Sørensen shows the clock presented by H.M. Queen.

Garder Sørensen quotes:

“It’s great, it’s very big. It’s something that matters a lot to me. It’s the guys you have gone up and down for eight months and that you have been through everything possible with who has chosen to give one vote for one. So it’s huge. “

Her Majesty Queen attends Wednesday, November 18, 2015, parade at the Royal Life Guard and presents the Queen’s Clock at the Royal Guards’ Barracks in Gothersgade, Copenhagen. best, at the end of service. The guardian is appointed by the guardians and comrades, who in the selection emphasize both good soldier service and on expelled companionship.

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The Queen’s Clock was originally the King’s Clock.

During the inspection of Her Majesty Queen Margaret II, Her Majesty delegated the Queen, “Queen of the Clock,” to Royal Guard Simon Thingaard Hansen on the anniversary. “Watch of the Clock”.

King’s Clock

At each farewell parade at The Royal Guard, the clock was to be handed over. The first time the King handed a watch at a farewell parade was on February 17, 1970. The King’s Clock changed its name to ‘The Queen’s Clock’ at the time of the throne change in 1972, since the Queen has since continued his father’s tradition.

When His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik takes over the throne as King Frederik X, the Queen’s Clock is probably changed to King’s Clock.

King Frederik decided that the interest on the contribution should go annually for wrist watches for the best guardians with the inscription ‘King’s watch’ and the year in question.

In Denmark, the royal congress god, Queen of Denmark, was the guardian who praised the guard through the queen’s watch as a tribute. Queen of Denmark carries out a queen parade and assigns a tribute “Queen of Clock” clock.

Photographer: RoyalPress Zhong Min Peng