The Fund for Entrepreneurship Invites a Royal

By: Zhong Min Peng and Henning Sandberg Okholm

On January 31, 2019, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark participated in the Foundation for Entrepreneurship New Year’s Eve. Dansk Erhverv, who looks with good eyes on the innovation had been looking forward to the day. Of course, this took place at Børsen in Copenhagen.

H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik er munter i humøret hos Børsen

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was a key figure in the awarding of the prizes to the two who won the start for innovation in relation to society. Frederik was thrilled.

It is a new year at Børsen in Copenhagen. Many people are eager to look forward to a good year. The Crown Prince was invited to make a ceremony.

Et glad møde mellem Børsens folk og H.K.H. Kronprins Frederik.

There was good chemistry at the same time when the Crown Prince stepped in and was welcomed. The stock market’s people shone and were glad he would hand over price.

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship works on education and is rooted in educational institutions to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship as it should.

For the New Year’s Cure, thank-you partners, whereby Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark presented the prize for Youth Startup Investment. There were two startups.

Price number One

Skaberne af applikationen tog stolt imod prisen som Kronprins Frederik overrakte.

The one startup was Subreader, which is an application that actually reads subtitles for dyslexia in the cinema, and in the future will work on both Netflix, regular TV and for stream on online media. In this way, dyslexic young people and adults know how to participate in social contexts such as in the cinema and movie evenings with family and friends. In fact, this means bringing people closer together.

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Price number Two

Skaberne af applikationen tog stolt imod prisen som Kronprins Frederik overrakte.

The winners who received the prize for their development of the application, who can identify a bite from a snake, were proud and showed their pride with H.K.H. Crown Prince.

The second startup that went with the prize was VenomAid Diagnostics. The company provides a cheap, simple and quick test for diagnosing people who are victims of snake bites. The test itself can tell you enough which snake you have been bitten by using a register of known species, and thus you can quickly secure victims correctly, early and a good treatment.


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The same at the New Year’s Eve, the Crown Prince presented the prize, “Youth Startup Investment Potential” of NOK 100,000. The DKK 100,000, according to the winners’ own statements, should be used for investment in instruments for raising quality and equipment for development.

Begge vindere fejrer deres priser sammen med Kronprinsen.

After the awards ceremony, the Crown Prince, the winners and representatives from the exchange met. They celebrated that they had to get 100,000 kroner to be able to use to further develop.

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