The streets of Denmark’s capital experienced Chinese lanterns

Af Zhong Min Peng og Henning Sandberg Okholm

Denmark has a good relationship with China. It is popular that Danish and Chinese cultures they meet, so the Chinese New Year is also popular to celebrate.

Lighten Up Copenhagen is a great cultural event in China. There for three consecutive years has been held in Denmark by the Chinese Embassy in Denmark. Copenhagen K, VisitDenmark and other local partners. Lighten Up Copenhagen 2019 is held from February 1 to February 24, when there are events held in Copenhagen.

The Chinese Embassy and the Danish Chinese Cultural Association held and celebrated the Chinese New Year at the City Hall Square.

Choristers from the deep baritone to high soprano. There was filmed for social media and taken pictures.

The trip started from the Town Hall Square through the street. There after they had been in front of the town hall, all while the choristers and tai chi show warmed up.

Gong Drum’s group picture with dragon is very symbolic, and belongs standard to Chinese New Year when it is celebrated.

Before marching down through the alley and showing with dragon, the Chinese made ready to go. Stroget. It was done with dancing at the Town Hall Square, near the upcoming metro station.

One stop at Nytorv, drums were shown with a show, Folk with smartphone procession. They did not feel annoyed, on the contrary, they followed, recorded and shared on social media.

Læs også Opfølgeren til Legofilm får Kongelig besøg

Intermediate stops on Nytorv drowned and disturbed the original exhibitors, but spectators were not angry, the large number saw when the drums were knocked loose.

Along the street it could be heard, and as can be seen, there was fierce activity.

Pandas from China will soon come to Copenhagen Zoo. They were shown on the town hall square, where pictures were taken with them.

As part of the Copenhagen Light Festival, “Lighten Up Copenhagen 2019” has added new flavor to Copenhagen’s famous business area.

From there it went towards Kongens Nytorv past Magasin. Many from the Chinese Cultural Association had come up. It was to perform before march from City Hall Square through Nytorv to Kongens Nytorv, ending at Kultorvet.

New View

Hundreds of Chinese-style lanterns are interconnected at Strøget in Copenhagen from February 1 to December 24. Chinese Gong Drum March was held in Copenhagen’s central business district on February 16, where Chinese cultural heritage meetings were also held in Illum.

Red Chinese envelopes with good wishes, to bring luck to the Danes were handed out during the festival for procurement “Fu”, as part of “Lighten Up Copenhagen 2019.”

According to Chinese tradition, New Year’s feast begins in the spring of the new year and lasts for the Lantern Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. On February 15, Lighten Up Copenhagen-Lantern Festival Celebration is launched at Copenhagen City Hall Square. During the celebration there will be Chinese “Gong Drum show”, “lion dance”, dragon dance, Tai chi show and choir presented to the Danish audience.

Writer, photographer and those who supported the Chinese event helped to make the red lights beautiful. Gifts were distributed in the form of lanterns and red envelopes. Later in the afternoon they were turned on and decorated.

The purpose of sharing happiness and joy, Lighten Up Copenhagen 2019, will give the local people and tourists a special experience of the Chinese festival culture.

Photographer: RoyalPress Zhong Min Peng