Maryfoundation marks 10 years on the track

By Zhong Min Peng and Henning Sandberg Okholm

Whereas every 6th child in Denmark grows up with some form of domestic violence. That is why Maryfoundation has taken responsibility for improving this. Even if nothing is spoken and done about it, Maryfoundation takes care of it.

H.K.H. Kronprinsesse Mary blev godt modtaget af krisecentrets personale, som var rigtig glade for at se hende.

Crown Princess Mary had planned a good meeting, and she was well received by staff.


The mission and purpose of the Mary Foundation is to reach children, adults and families with isolation, mental violence. This includes working intensively to optimize and help with the environment, the heritage that is close to, or other things in relation to it.

The Mary Foundation is in favor of combating social isolation based on the belief that everyone has the right to belong and to exclude exclusion.

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The Mary Foundation’s work benefits children, adults, and families, where the factors of environment, inheritance, disease, or other related issues have resulted in the individual feeling socially isolated or excluded. Through the fulfillment of the purpose, the Fund shall seek to give the individual a better life, belonging and community and promote tolerance to diversity and create hope.

Crown Princess Mary is well received, and before meeting and briefing, she is shown around the shelter, which is supported by the Mary Foundation.

Monday, February 4, 2019 at. 11:00 participated with the Mary Foundation in Council for Livets 10-year marking at Ringsted Crisis Center. H.R.H. The Crown Princess of Denmark participated with the Mary Foundation in council for Life’s 10-year mark.

Where the Crown Princess Mary spoke to the Mary Foundation together with the partners, what fills the area of domestic violence right now Every 6th child in Denmark grows up in a home with violence.

Social science definition of mental violence in close relationships

Time had come to meet as many people as possible from the staff. In this way everyone could get a glimpse of the protector, and just as the opposite.

The Mary Foundation offers free legal, financial, and social counseling to Danish victims of violence throughout Denmark.

Crown Princess Mary speaks well with her vocabulary and debates well on what comes of issues and is well-made in the future.

From 2009, the Council for Life Mary Foundation was established and is a collaboration between Danish project “Mødrehjælpen”, LOKK, “Nykredit”, “Østifterne” and local law offices.

There is a good talk about topics that have been chosen from the staff, and that the Crown Princess also gives her bid on what should and can be done to increase service and support.

“Advice to Life” offers free advice on economics, law and social relations to victims of violence as one of their main points.

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Purpose: A major step in the handling was taken as the forthcoming criminalization of psychic by this form of violence.

H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary was followed to the door after a successful meeting. An upright forehead is held on the future regarding the project.

The Crown Princess thanks for the collaboration at Ringsted Crisis Center.

The psychological violence discovered is made punishable in the future. Maryfonden hopes to reach out to anyone who is hit.

Photographer: RoyalPress Zhong Min Peng