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By: Deputy Chairman and Deputy Secretary General of the Danish-Chinese Sports and Culture Association (Hu Beimin). Translated: Julia W. Optimized by: Henning Sandberg Okholm


The weather in March in Copenhagen is well known for drizzle and the refreshing air that mixes with the early spring scent.

On March 17, the Danish-Chinese Sports and Culture Association (Danish-Chinese Sport & Culture Association) arranged the first Danish-Chinese people’s return trip with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark.

The Mood Gathered

Charlottenlund, north of Copenhagen, early in the morning started a little rain, but the rain did not prevent a bunch of people who had special interests and love for hiking in gathering next to Charlottenlund S-train station to complete the hike. All the participants were in a good mood and came to the agreed place well in advance to wait for the hike to begin at. 10. More than 10 participants from the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, including Political Attaché Hu Hongbo, Culture Attaché Liu Dong and Military Attaché Zhang Jiyu, also participated in the hike with great pleasure.

Just before the hike began, it stopped raining, and during the hike, the sun appeared, and gray clouds disappeared, and blue sky appeared beautiful. The sun shone and smiled to the world. All participants learned a lot during the hike. The participants were happy to talk to each other and to enjoy the fellowship with others, thereby enjoying the beautiful nature and the beautiful landscapes. “Safe a wonderful and wonderful spring day!” The participants expressed their huge joy and praise for the beautiful weather.

In Circles

There were over 80 people attending the hike. All participants followed the organizer’s travel plan, which started from the Botanical Garden (a branch of the botany that specializes in forest and its plant environment) Charlottenlund to Charlottenlund Castle Park, continued to Charlottenlund Fort, and then to the beautiful Charlottenlund Castle, and finally back to Charlottenlund Station.

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During almost two-hour hikes, a cozy and comfortable atmosphere was constantly maintained. The participants completed the hike in coziness and laughter that they had not had enough of.

The Danish-Chinese sports and cultural association also arranged a delicious lunch with great care. In addition, some of the participants gathered to continue the joy, joy and laughter of the hike and spend a special glorious Sunday!

As Long As It Could

The first Danish-Chinese migration event was supported by Danish-Chinese sports and cultural association chairman Junxuan Mao, executive chairman Shunhuan Deng, vice president Xu Caiqin; chairman of the Danish Chinese Integration Forum Mujun Yang; chairman of the Nordic Guangxi Association, Hong Wu. In addition, the Chinese Embassy in Denmark positively backed the event. A large amount of sports enthusiasts participated actively in the migration event. The first migration event was a perfect ending!

The whole hike lasted about two hours. The Danish-Chinese sports and cultural association invited two senior employees Bjørn Heidemann and Niels Nørgaard from the Botanical Garden to give a detailed explanation about the Botanical Garden Charlottenlund. Fr. Heidi Wang, member of the Health and Care Committee, the City of Copenhagen Citizens’ Representative, had been the interpreter during the entire explanation process, and her translations had made the whole hike more magnificent.

Photographer: RoyalPress Zhong Min Peng