Primeminister Pointing the Protocol

By: Zhong Min Peng and Henning Sandberg Okholm

Last Thursday and Friday, Aalborg formed the framework for the 2019 edition of the Municipal Policy Summit, where current political themes should be discussed.

The primary ministers together are the prime minister about the meeting that deals with the future climate policy.

There is also a summit on parallel society and the inauguration of a new energy store on the program. Get an overview of the week in Danish politics. Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen therefore states before the meeting:

“Denmark must be characterized by a strong community where everyone contributes to and is part of the country in which we live. It cannot be of any use that a large group of children grow up in an environment where mother and father go home , crime is commonplace, and there is a darkened view of equality, freedom and freedom. We must never passively accept this as a society. That is why last year, the government took a hold on a number of areas to break up the ghettos and bring everyone into the community. At the same time, the government follows the effort closely to ensure that the tools are put into use and they work. I am looking forward to the government’s first summit on parallel societies, where we gather capacities across the society for a talk about this important area of ​​action. ”

Denmark’s future climate policy is in focus, because the government will benefit all of Denmark, and not just the few. There is very much political debate about the parallel society, but something is being done about it now.

Photographer: RoyalPress Zhong Min Peng and the Prime Minister’s Office