Culture event 2016

Danish Parliament gets a visit by President Gül

March 18, 2016

At the invitation of Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince Consort the President of the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Abdullah Gül and Mrs. Hayrünnisa Gül will pay a State Visit to Denmark on 17–19th March 2014.

At 10.15 am of march 18, President Gül Arrivals at the Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft as a President of the Danish Parliament who has been received Abdullah Gül greetings at the stair case followed by a tour-de–table in the conversation meeting Room Where and President Gül of Turkey has had meeting with Speaker Mogens Lykketoft of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen, Denmark..

After President Abdullah Gü talk with Speaker Lykketoft, President Gül signed the Book of Honor and explored the hall where the Constitution of Denmark is displayed. The President, visiting the General Assembly Hall in the Parliament as well, proceeded to the Prime Minister’s office.

Text: Zhong Min Peng