2013 The Women Deliver 2013 conference in Kuala Lumpur

The Women Deliver 2013 conference. FHI 360 is partnering with the Women Deliver Community to capture key conversations taking place on social media during the Women Deliver conference in Kuala Lumpur from May 28-30.

HIV and AIDS Progress in preventing death from AIDS has been astounding. We will look at the state of that progress, as well as the continuing problem of new transmissions; the challenges of integrating HIV and AIDS services and education with other reproductive health services; and the benefit of integration. The need for greater attention to women who are at risk, how to serve and empower them and mother to child transmission are critical elements of the Women Deliver agenda.

Human Rights One of the most important frames for reproductive health and for women’s rights is the human rights frame. In this theme area, we move from human rights theory to a concrete understanding of the link between human rights, sexuality, and reproduction. Why are sexuality and reproduction human rights? What would a reproductive health service that is based on human rights look like? We’ll look at the many violations of human rights that need to be addressed within the SRHR community—child marriage, violence against women, the conditions of women in refugee and conflict situations, sexual and labor trafficking, attacks on LGBTQ persons. What is happening, and what is being done to end these abuses?

(Text: Women Deliver, Photo. Zhong Min Peng)